Areas of activity

Construction project management

The area of work of OÜ Ceteles is to find the best solution in cooperation with the customer in accordance with the construction project management process, to record decisions, to implement decisions, to monitor compliance and to report on compliance to the customer. In the construction process, attention is paid to the harmful environmental impacts of both the company’s own and its subcontractors’ activities, ensuring a decent living environment for future generations.

Development of real estate projects

The aim of developing real estate projects is to find suitable offers for promising sites, to find potential customers and the best solutions.

Mission and vision


Our extensive experience in the field of construction project management and real estate development allows us to create sustainable and long-lasting solutions for our customers that offer satisfaction and a sense of security.


Our vision is to offer complete solutions to meet customers’ needs while ensuring the sustainable use of the environment.
We consider it important to improve the quality monitoring of the construction process in order to prevent errors that could occur in operation. By carrying out thorough monitoring already at the design stage and organizing it constantly on the construction site, we are able to guarantee the customer a high-quality end result.



We are honest, our words and deeds are in line with our actions.
We keep agreements, promises and deadlines.


We are open in our activities and respect both ourselves and others.
We support and help each other, we listen and give feedback.
We are patient and consistent.


Our people have extensive expertise and a committed attitude to work.
Continuous monitoring is performed already at the design stage to ensure a high-quality end result for customers.

Guiding principles

The goal of OÜ Ceteles is to ensure the satisfaction of customers, society and the company in providing construction project management and real estate project development services, in order to ensure the company’s profitability and reliability. In our activities, we follow the company’s vision, mission and values. The guiding principles applied in the company are:

  • in our activities, we follow the legislation and normative documents in force in the Republic of Estonia, the corresponding norms that have been used in the Nordic countries for a long time, good construction practices, the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management and ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management systems and the ISO 45001: 2018 occupational health and safety management system;
  • clear, simple, fast and legally correct administration;
  • monitoring and ensuring quality requirements in each work process;
  • constant consideration and analysis of the customer’s wishes, requirements, proposals and needs, with the aim of meeting the customer’s expectations and, if possible, exceeding them;
  • transfer of the building to the customer at the agreed time, according to the contract and without defects;
  • we choose as our cooperation partners companies with the relevant qualifications and guiding principles similar to ours;
  • continuous assessment and monitoring of environmental aspects and their resulting impacts and taking them into account in the management of the company;
  • providing a safe and secure working environment for the company’s employees and procuring suitable work equipment to ensure safety;
  • sustainable use of all resources;
  • the introduction of pre-emptive measures and means to prevent or reduce environmental pollution;
  • continuous monitoring of the working environment and environmental safety to detect potential hazards in a timely manner and devise measures to eliminate them;
  • continuous risk assessment with the aim of reducing the potential for accidents at work, damage to health and the environment;
  • raising workers’ awareness of quality, the environment and occupational safety through training;
  • the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and refinement of the management system.